Call numbers?

I just started a new job and my first task is to organized our endnote library.  We have thousands of entries and cooresponding hard copies, however call numbers have not been assigned to anything, so finding the correct hard copy is almost impossible.  Is there anyway to automatically assign call numbers to all of the previously entered documents or do I have to go back and manually assign each entry a call number?  Also is there a way to get the program to seperate the documents by type (journal article, report, etc.) and give unique call numbers to each type.


I am not sure how I would begin to think about how to get call numbers into records… how are they assigned and how would endnote know what to add?  But the short answer is, that I am not aware of anyway to add new varied information to individual records.


Endnote does assign a unique number to each record.  It is called the “record number”.  Could you use that for your purposes?

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Thank you for your help!

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When you open a record, it is displayed in the blue top bar as #1234, for example.  It is assigned consecutively.  If you delete the record from that library it is never reused. 

Also, if you edit your preferences, library display, you can include this number as a column.  I make it in front of the author.