End Note Printing Change of Number formatting

I’ve currently got 347 in an endnote library and they have the record numbers 1 -347 as you would expect.  However when I just go File, Print to get a hard copy list of the references and their record numbers the references are numbered from 1-338!!! With what I know is record number 347 labelled as 338 - can anybody help me to generate a list with the correct record numbers on!


I can only assume that you are printing using a “numbered” style rather than a style that reports the record number.  Have you created a style that includes (and sorts by, if that is the order you want them listed) the record number?   I attach a style that sorts by record number and includes this (in the layout section) based on the Author-Date style, but you can alter any style to include the record number, either in the templates or in the layout .  Doing it in the layout allows you to append the number to all reference types with the minimum of fuss, allows you to apply the hanging indents more easily.   You can save this style to your My Documents/Endnote/Styles folder (in X2) or to the location your preferences style folder points. 

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