Order of citations

I have a specific problem. I have an edited book I am referencing. The editor has also authored the introduction, a glossary as well as a couple of chapters. If I refence the whole book first and then a chapter written by the author my first reference is Seale 2018b and the second is Seale 2018a .

Is the only way around this to be more exact and reference the preamble as  a section in an edited book e.g Seale, C. (2018) Preamble In: C. Seale 2018 (ed) …

In my settings I have citations order set to author+ year and in bibliography Author+ Year+ Title 

I have messed around with other ways and nothing seems to work, in fact it mixed up o


Most publishers define the order of the a b as how it will be listed in the bibliography, and not the order it is cited in the document.  So b coming before a is not uncommon.  There are tricks to overcome it, but is it really necessary?  

If you want to, you can check this thread with links to various threads about this kind of request. https://community.endnote.com/t5/EndNote-General/Citation-sort-order-for-same-year/m-p/154377/highlight/true#M32448