Order of words inbibliography is different to footnote citation

Hi all,

Using Endnote x8, with word 2013 and citation style AGLC - Australian Guide to Legal Citation. Available at Melbourne University and University of Technology Sydney websites.

With this style you have footnotes at the end of each page and then a bibliography at the very end.

PROBLEM is that the order of words in a particular AGLC reference sub style (Royal commission report - specifically the Name of the law reform commission)  in the footnote is correct, and the order of words in the bibliography is different and thus wrong. I simply need the words to be in the same order.

  • see attached image. 

Any help to fix this up will be greatly appreciated

Check the Author field of the reference record. To distinguish between names of people versus organizations enter organization names in the Author field followed by a comma:

Victorian Law Commission,

In the record itself, put a comma at the end of the “author”

Victorian Law Reform Commission, 

Thank you!!