Organization as author


I am using EndNote web and trying to add a report of the World Health Organization. The problem is ‘World Health Organization’ is treated like a person’s name, so the bibliography says ‘Organization, W. H.’.

What can I do?



In EndNote, a comma is added to the end of an organizational name (in the Author field) in order for the program to distinguish it from a person’s name, like this:

World Health Organization,

If you’re unable to make the adjustment in EndNote Web, suggest you try downloading the references to your desktop and work from there (providing you have EndNote loaded on the computer).

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Great solution!

I now have the situation that the brand name includes a ‘&’ in its name and when using the short citation it uncludes ‘&amp’.

Is there any chance to solve this problem?

I just tested it in Windows Endnotex7.7 word 2016, and don’t get that problem.  Did you copy paste in the &?  Maybe it has some underlying formating?  I used Chicago 16th A and B out of the box, in footnotes.  

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Hi there,

I seem to have problem making WHO appeared as it is in my bibliography (it came out as Who).

I have no problem with the in-text citation. I have placed a comma after the organization’s name as advised before but still to no success. I’m using Harvard style by the way.

Any advice on this one?



Check your Author settings in your Harvard Output Style.  See the image below for the settings in Bibliography that can affect the case of authors.  There are similar options in the citation options.  I recommend “As is”.

If for some reason you need to adjust these, to normal for other records, you can instead add WHO to the “change case” preferences.  These are accessed in Endnote, on a PC under Edit>preferences>change case.  Type WHO and add to that list.   

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My problem is more basic :smiley: i couldn’t add a report from WHO which is in pdf format to endnote. How can I do it plzzzz helppppp

I had the same issue and found a solution on McGill University’s help page that talked about how the “Generic” reference option in APA 7 will cause you issues. You have to fix it manually in EndNote by following these steps: 

To modify the style 

  • To modify an existing style, go to the “Edit” menu in EndNote and click “Output Styles”, then “Edit…” (the style that you have chosen to edit will be listed in the menu).
  • In the left-hand pane, go down to the “Bibliography” section and click “Templates.” You will see a list of several different types of references. For each one, you can remove elements, or add new ones using the “Insert Field” button located at the right of the screen.

USER NOTE - at this point, you’ll see which reference style that is undefined and causing you issues. Fix that one manually! 

  • If you need to change the in-text citation as well, follow the same procedure but select “Templates” in the “Citations” section. You can browse the other options for additional ways to edit the style.

** Once I did the above, I saved it as APA 7 - Generic Modified, updated my paper in Word, and VOILA! it went away (finally). It was driving me mad. I had tried deleting all the references to in the paper, taking it out of EndNote entirely, and it just wouldn’t go away. I hope this is helpful info for all who face this issue!