Other random product requests

In addition to my other posts, here are some other random requests:

  • I would like the library view to reflect any text formatting in the reference. For example, any words in italics should show in italics in the library view as well as the reference view.

  • Could the reference preview be formatted to be a bit more readible? ie, could the reference view in the reference pane be more of a summary than a way of editing the reference? See the software ReadCube for an example of this - the title is in large text at the top with authors directly under it, then the abstract is there as well as a link to open the PDF. Then the full list of fields could just be reserved to double clicking to edit the reference.

  • I would love the ability to have more than one PDF open at once - could each PDF be opened in a new tab like Mendeley?

I guess I am just frustrated. I find Endnote very powerful and useful when using it for CWIW but I want it to be more user friendly as a way of reading and organising my papers. It has improved significantly over the last couple of versions but both ReadCube and Mendeley are still better in this respect. It’s just thatbut they are missing some key features for me to be able to use them to write papers.

Thanks for listening to my rants!

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Also, I would love the ability to apply colour labels to references (think categories in Microsoft Outlook).

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This would be good. Much better than the feature of having star ratings.

  • 1 vote for the library view/display “Title” field to use the title formatting (especially italics which is used for species names). This would make it a lot easier to spot and correct titles which are missing this formatting, instead of having to go through all references!

I like the color label idea