PDF Metadata Recognition, PLEASE!

I started using EndNote with v3 until I eventually discovered Papers then Mendeley.  Papers and Mendeley both have fantastic reference metadata recognition from more than the DOI from a PDF.  They allow drag and drop of PDFs into their main windows and they find metadata, even for pre-DOI papers, pretty much immediately.  So nice to use, but alas they both stopped working due to changes in my institution’s new firewall so I have gone back to EndNote, vX8. 

X8 has improved a lot from previous versions, but why can’t it do among the most important of functions for a reference database and PDF reader (???); finding reference metadata easily by doing more than just looking at a DOI!

Please, please, please have a look at Papers and Mendeley and make drag and drop reference metadata acquisition happen for the next version of EndNote!  It would make EndNote the bees knees!

Thanks for your consideration,