OU Harvard style

Hi, I have been using EndNote for years, but am presently in the final year of a degree with the Open University. They have their own referencing style which they call “OU Harvard”. It would seem that all universities like to have their own referencing style, for no other reason than that they want to be different. This is fine for the Open University, but for the students, itmeans I have to capture in Endnote, then transribe it inro the Word referencing system, befor enetring it in my documents. Has anyone seen an EndNote OU Harvard style?

I wonder if you tried asking the librarians at OU might result in an Endnote output style that you could use?  


what is the description of the style: Is this it here? 


Here is one I adapted from our Cell template that I use for the OU students here at our Affiliated Research Center.  It might not be perfect. I tried to add a couple ref types for you.  
OU-Harvard Copy.ens (20.7 KB)