Output Style Challenges EndNote X4

I’m having a hard time editing an output style to match a particular journal’s requirements. I started with JAMA, which was sort of in the right ballpark. The two main difficulties I am having are

  1. I need to put the first author’s name in bold but not subsequent authors: Jung EM, Clevert DA, Schreyer AG. I can do all bold, or none bold, but not just the first author bold. IDeas?

  2. I need to add the PMID to the end in brackets. So far I’ve added [PMID:] to the end of the edited style, but it results in [PMID] (with no colon). I know I need to insert a field, right? But PMID is not a choice. How do I do this?

Thanks for the help!

Item #1. This seems to be an unusual requirement – have you confirmed it’s what the publisher requires of author submissions or is it how the publisher formats the article? If putting the 1st author’s name in bold-font is required your options are limited to: 1) opening each Endnote record and manually selecting the 1st author and putting it in bold-font (The drawbacks of this method is that if you’re using an in-text citation format the author names will also appear in bold; and you will need to later manually change each Endnote record back to non-bold font when not required for other articles/projects; or2) converting a copy of your final document to text to remove the Endnote field codes, then manually locate and bold-font the 1st author.

Item #2. The Endnote field name is “PMCID” - at least that’s what shown in the reference type templates (or have you customized the field name?). If you wish to have “PMCID:” precede the actual ID number then the output style bibliography template needs to be modified as follows (the square shapes indicate where to insert Endnote’s command “Link Adjacent Text”):


Thank you, CrazyGecko!