Output style: German legal

Hi there,

I am curious, if there is somebody, who tried to make an Output Style for German legal texts, based in NJW. If there is somebody out there to share her/his expierence on this, I would be happy the get in touch!


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have you found anybody for theses styles or have you created one yourself? Curious if you managed and have a good style you would like to share. 



Hi dontelefono,

I am sorry, but my solution doesn’t work as good as I’d liked it to do. Since I am writhing my doctoral thesis now, I am struggling with other problems than commentaries in different styles. (Atm I try to use Russian, transliteration and original at once, which is another big problem, because you cannot store one and the same book in different laguage versions…)



So what’s the best way for German legal? Any ideas?

Many thanks :slight_smile:

As an Endnote user, I would be very interested in having a German legal output style (e. g. based on Byrd/Lehmann, Zitierfibel für Juristen), too.

Unfortunately, the Endnote team seems not to care about the (non-U.S.) legal community. I got that impression after having to learn that a German legal output style based on Byrd/Lehmann is available for Citavi, that the Endnote style library doesn’t include British, Canadian and Australian legal output styles even if they are available for download on the internet (all of them are very different to the German style, unfortunately), and that our French colleagues have the same (unresolved) problems.

As a work-around: Does someone know of a way to import output style in the *.ccs (or *.csl or *.xml) format to the Endnote style manager?

I am writing my law thesis (in Germany) in English and thus, can rely upon Bluebook citation. Whenever I need to cite a German legal article or commentary I just stick to the standard output style.

However, it is a pity, though that there is no German legal citation style. Whenever I write an article in German I really hate to do the citation manually. Unfortunately there is no Citavi for Mac as I need both, Mac at home and Win at work. It does however offer a German legal citation style.

Whenever I will have time (most probably after my thesis) I will try to build a German legal citation style for EndNote. Would be a relief. So far, let us just hope that ThomsonReuters maybe makes one or one of the German law journals introduces one…