Legal Citations

I am just starting to try to integrate my legal citations i9nto EndNote X4.

I apologize for sounding totally illiterate on this subnet, but I am, so…

The only two styles I found related to law were / are Bluebook Brief, and the Law Review.  Do just these two, in coordination with the actual input of written material or case law suffice for meeting Bluebook reporting standards?  If not, where can I find others, because they didn’t seem to be in the “normal” list for download.

What about Federal / State law and code references?  Are these all handled adequately by the “Case” reference type, and then properly output through the two mentioned styles?  

Is there some specific reference material I could access to get up to speed on this?

Any direction here would be appreciated.  I am feeling “a bit” ungrounded about this.


Chuck Billow 

There are output styles for legal journals* but if your writing is non-journal specific, it seems that the Bluebook Brief and/or Law Review may meet your needs but might require “tinkering” with the output style’s templates and/or the reference type templates.

You might start by drawing up a sample bibliography which will give some idea as to what fields may be missing from the current Bluebook Brief/Law Review templates.  Once you have a list then it’s a matter of comparing the list against the EndNote reference template(s) and the Bluebook Brief/Law Review templates to identify the fields to add to the template. To see an example of modifying the EndNote reference and output style templates see this thread which illustrates a “government law”.

There are also training videos and resources at the Thomson Reuters EndNote website.  Also see the list of upcomng free live training webinars:


* To search for other legal-related output styles, go to the EndNote toolbar, click “Help” then “Web Styles Finder”.

Cool!  Thanks!


Chuck Billow

To help identify the fields appearing in the EndNote reference templates refer to the “List of Reference Types” which is listed at the back of the manual. Knowing the pre-existing fields helps guide reconfiguring the reference type templates and accompanying output styles to fit your legal needs.

Thanks CG!