Using Pages if there are no Cited Pages


I’m trying to create an output for a journal (South Asia) which puts all references into footnotes and has no consolidated bibliography.

Thus for a cited reference, the footnote would be:

Barnett, Steve. “Urban Is as Urban Does: Two Incidents on One Street in Madras City, South India.” Urban Anthropology, vol. 2, no. 2, 1973, p 130.

But for a general reference, without a specific page reference, the citation would be equivalent to that in a bibliography, e.g.:

Bannerjee, Himani. “Fashioning a Self: Educational Proposals for and by Women in Popular Magazines in Colonial Bengal.” Economic and Political Weekly, vol. 26, no. 43, 1991, pp. WS50-WS62.

is there an equivalent to the singular/plural <p.^pp.> which automates the choice of Cited Pages vs Pages?  In the Field Substitutions option, there is no option to use Pages if there are no Cited Pages.

Thank you,

Peter Mayer

I don’t think so.  Why not put the page numbers in as “cited pages” where there isn’t a specific cited page as a work around and request in suggestions forum a more permanent fix. 

Hi Leanne,

Thank you.  My current workaround is to include both Cited Pages and Pages in the output style.  I’ll then manually edit out the one I don’t need from the final version of the paper.