Editing lots of references, how do i narrow down to just those used?


I have 1200 references in my library. My thesis only uses about 600. I need to edit some of them, and want to edit them in endnote-- once I saw a little word icon in the left hand side bar of the endnote library bar (where search results come up) and when I clicke on that, it limited my group to only those used in the doc. How do I get that little doc icon back? Anyone know what I am talking about? I dont want to scroll through all my refs to edit, I want to limit to just those used in my document…


If you mean that your “Groups” aren’t being displayed in the left column, go to the toolbar, select GROUPS, SHOW GROUPS.

In the first release of Endnote X4, it automatically showed only those refs used int he document.  but that was a bit tedious as you needed to click on the All References to see the whole library to select a new one. So in an update, they reverted it to show the All Reference view when you jumped back to Endnote –  But the “document” group is still there.  It is right under “All References” and should show the document icon and name of the document.  Select that “group” and it will display just the refs used in the document from that library.  It can also be exported as a standalone library, with or without the attached files.

It still doesn’t seem to be showing (see attachment)-- before there was a doc icon with the name of my doc, and now I can’t seem to access that.

Have you added a reference since opening the document and endnote  or reformat the bibliography? It only appears if endnote has “updated references” since opening.  (assuming you are using X4 or X5)

thank you Leanne! That’s it! I updated and of course, voila, there it is. Thank you, I feel like an idiot now :slight_smile:

Tip:  When you have completed this manuscript, you might want to make a static group in your Endnote library of the records associated with this document.  After the last update of your document ,while the document icon is still in view in your Endnote library, create a new group. Then add all the records from the document group into this new static group.


Thanks Emily-- will do!