Where does EN store my pdfs?

Hi, I’m new to EN, any help would be appreciated. I’m a mac user, if it’s relevant. So, I know where the My Endnote Library.enlp file is stored. But I cannot see where a folder of the pdfs might be. Also, in case it’s relevant, under preferences>URLS and links I have checked “copy …relative link.” Does the following inscrutable sentence mean anything relevant to this: Find full text copies full text to the default attachment folder even if this setting is not selected.?

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Greetings David,

If you’ve got your library saved with the package format (.enlp), the .enl file and .Data folder are stored inside the .enlp library file itself.  Though you wouldn’t want to change anything within the .Data folder, if you wanted to see the .Data folder and PDF files stored within-

1.  Open your library within EndNote. 

2.  With your library open, click “File>Save a Copy”.  Be sure to give this new library a unique name and uncheck the “Save as Package” box.

3.  Click “Save”.

This new copy of your library will be created in the non-package format, so that you can see the separate .enl file and .Data folder associated with your EndNote library.  Please let me know if this helps.

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Hi Jimmy, That explains it very well! Thanks so much! While I have your attention, can I ask you another question? I’m thinking about getting the other members of my lab onto EN, because we all draw from the same literature in our writing. Is there an established model of how a number of people can share and add to the same database, which might be hosted online? If you know of any information on how to approach this, and could direct me to such info, I’d appreciate it a lot.

Thanks so much for your help!