Page numbers not Displaying in Citations

I have been working with a document using the Brit J Sociology style downloaded through Endnote this morning. I was using this to re-insert the references. Everything went swimmingly, then I added one more reference, with a page number, and I noticed that the page numbers did not appear. Then I spotted that all of the reference page numbers had disappeared. However, if I switch the style to say Oxford then the page numbers reappear. I redownloaded the style and replaced it within the endnote folder. Still no numbers.  I am preparing the paper to submit to this journal, and need to do so today. Can anyone help. I have atteched the style.

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The bibliography templates of your output style show page numbers (Page field) are included only for the Journal Article and Magazine templates (see attached image). The output style’s bibliography format appears to conform to the journal’s requirements. Refer to the “Notes to contributors” section on the journal’s webpage:

I have also attempted to put the page numbers into the suffix field, this does not cause them to display either.

Here, try this (attached). The Endnote output style was not displaying page numbers in the in-text citations because the citation template does not include the field Cited Pages. So the citation template was modified to display page numbers preceded by a colon (as described on the “Notes to contributors” section of the journal’s webpage). (Refer to attached image.)


Installing Individual Styles

1.Download the style you want to install.

2.Double-click the style file. It should open in EndNote.

3.In EndNote, go to “File Menu” and choose “Save As”. Replace the word “copy” with your style’s name and click “Save”.

4.Click on “File Menu” and choose “Close Style”.

Have version X1 or prior? Click here for instructions.
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This works perfectly. Thanks a million.


Please help. I have Endnote 7 for Mac and I can’t enter my page numbers for my in text citations for MLA. I tried the suffix field but it does not help. Please help. 


The MLA style is set up to allow you to enter the information into the Pages field when using the Edit and Manage Citations command in Word.

I would suggest you try that.

If you use the Suffix field you need to type a space first before entering the page number since the suffix field will output exactly how it is entered. The Pages field will add the space automatically so you can just type the number in Pages.

If that does not work or if you have additional questions you may want to contact Technical Support directly:

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