Page numbers not displaying properly


I have a problem with how page numbers display using intext citations. I have set the page numbers to appear and they do so correctly where all the citations either have, or do not have, page references. However, in the case of multiple citations in which not all have page references often a gap appears (displaying as", ,") where there should be a reference to page numbers. For example, in the citation (Chitkara 1996, p.4, Khan 1970, , Jha 1996) there is no page reference for Khan but a space appears following Khan where a page reference should be. I have attached the style and would be grateful for any help someone might offer.



TF-V_Harvard.ens (30.7 KB)

Testing your output style with 3 “dummy” records (just based on the author names and years) seems to generate results that do not display the double comma (see attached image).  So the problem doesn’t appear to be with the style but may be something else (i.e., the way the citation is being edited to include the page number, the software version).

How did you create the in-text citation and what version of EndNote are you using?

I didn’t see any cited pages in the citations  template of the style you attached.  I modified it to add them.  Check this one out.  When you append the pages during the edit citations dialog, you can put in one page or multiple pages.  The * in the edited template below refer to “link adjacent” symbols which can be inserted from the "insert field drop-down.  The | can be inserted from there too, or typed in from the keyboard (above the back-slash on a US keyboard).  This configuration forces the spaces and p. or pp. to appear only when the cited pages field is filled in the “edit citation” dialog. 

(Author Year|,*p.^pp.*Cited Pages|)

TF-V_Harvard-citedpages.ens (32.2 KB)


That did the trick. Thank you SO much!!!