Pages 08 3.03 Endnote X2 Find citation using mac services problem

I’m trying to use macintosh services to find citations to insert in my Pages 08 document.  I highlight an author’s name, go to the Pages menu>Services>Endnote>Find Citation(s)…  I get the box with a list of citations that are potential matches.  When I click on one of them, Endnote crashes.  I have the Endnote X2 upgrade.  The crash happens for different authors, different citations, but I can use other services such as “insert citation” without a problem.

Any ideas? Am I doing something wrong?

If you save a copy of the ‘Show All Fields.ens’ file as ‘Show All.ens’ (simply change the name of the file with no other changes) in your personal directory, then restart everything, does this eliminate the crash?

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Thanks so much!  That worked perfectly.