Pages 5.5 and Endnote: problem

Hi guys,

I’m exeperiencing some problems with Yosemite, Pages 5.5 and Endnote. Indeed Endnote simply doesn’t work anymore: e.g. the item “insert endnote citation” is shadowed (see the attached file), and the function “cite as you write” doesn’t work.

Is someone else experiencing the same problems?
Schermata 2014-10-19 alle 10.44.57.jpg

I don’t think they have said that it is compatible with Yosemite yet.  and the last I saw on Pages compatiblitliy was 5.2, so I would be leery of upgrading either and expecting things to work. 

Just noticed that they updated the message about Yosemite  –   

“We’ve completed our preliminary testing and found that X7.2 works well with the latest OS from Mac, Yosemite. #ENupdates”  – but nothing about Pages 5.5 there (although a comment asks about it). (P.S. as you probably know, Apple integrates Endnote, and not the Endnote people at TR.)


Is there any progress on this? I have a new MacBook Pro with Yosemite 10.10, Pages 5.5.2 and Endnote X7. In the “insert” menu I can select Endnote citation but it doesn’t recognise my open library. There is also no option to insert bibliography. 

Apple develops and maintains the Pages plugin for EndNote.

While we are in contact with them about the issues, to help move along the resolution, it is always beneficial  when Apple hears directly from our mutual customers. Please contact them at the link below and let them know you would like them to fix the issues you are seeing. Please be specific and fill out all of the requested information in the form.