Apple Pages 5 Compatibility

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Thank you! 

As many of you are aware, in addition to Mac OS 10.9, Apple also released Pages 5, along with a new EndNote plugin.

At this time, however, the plugin that Apple released appears to have many issues, including the inability to cite in footnotes, and issues with in-text numbering.

We are in close contact with Apple about these issues and are hopeful that they will rectify the problems sometime in the future. However, until they do so, _ we currently do not recommend using the EndNote plugin with Pages 5. _The plugin for Pages 09 does still work, so you may wish to rollback to Pages 09 if you need EndNote functionality in your Pages software.

As the Pages plugin was designed by and released by Apple, we’re quite limited in what we can do to fix the problems. We definitely understand the frustration that many of you are experiencing with the plugin, and encourage you to contact Apple with your comments.

In the meantime, we will continue to monitor the situation and will be working with them closely. We will be maintaining a Knowledge Base article with the latest Pages compatibility information here:

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

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I am sure you guys are on top of this, but in a quick check, I encountered at least these two problems:

  1. Using the 2.0 plugin, the CWYW was working, but only allowed the Endnote default “favorite” output styles, not my “favorite” output styles.  I verified that these were still working fine by going into Word, where all was behaving as expected.
  2. If I inserted a second reference/citation immediately after a first one, the numbers would not combine. For example, it would just say (1)(2)(3) instead of (1-3).

Looking forward to a solution.


Hello, William:

Thanks for the information! We have tracked those particular issues, yes. However, as mentioned above, we can’t do much to address them from our end, so please do also report them to Apple if you haven’t already.

Thanks again.

While I am at it…  The current combination allows insertion of only a single citation at a time, whereas, the Word CWYW module allows for insertion of an arbitrary number by simultaneous selection.  It is a huge convenience to be able to cit a few items at once rather than have to repeat the process.

Hi there,

thanks so much for this email. I’ve been now working with pages 09 and endnote x7 on mavericks, and all seemed to be working perfectly as it should. However, since yesterday I found that pages keep crashing and the error message says that it does so while using the plug in. It does not specify if this is endnote plug in for pages09, but I’m also not aware of any other that I might be using… Therefore, I was wondering if you are aware of any problems of compatibility in the described circumstances. It would be of tremendous help if you could verify it. If things are not working well with pages, which was my preferred word processor, I might need to try to move to word, though this would be a big trouble considering that I’m talking about a doctorate dissertation…

Many thanks in advance for your time and help.


Ana Pereira

Hi, coconuttree:

Currently, as we mention in the main post of this thread, _ we do not recommend using the EndNote plugin with Pages 5. _

We have been receiving reports of many problems and must therefore advise against it. Please read the original post in this thread for our best suggestions, and how to report issues.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Hi Gillian,

Thanks for your quick answer and for directing me here.

I happen to be using pages 09 and have therefore installed the respective plug in on mavericks, and still pages keeps crashing. I’ve now reported the problem to apple, but wanted to check if you are aware of any problems of incompatibility with pages09 + endnote x7 + mavericks. Do you then recommend not working with pages on maverick at all?

Many thanks.



Hello, Ana:

Oh, I’m so sorry! I misread your initial post and missed that it was Pages '09 you were working with. My sincerest apologies.

We have not fully tested it, but from what we’ve been hearing from customers it should work ok with Pages '09 on Mavericks.

I recommend testing with a different document. If it happens in any document, contact our Support team and we’ll see if we can work out why. If it happens with only a specific document, you may want to copy and paste your text into a new document. Please note you’ll likely have to redo the references – sorry about that – but it ought to correct the crashing.

Thanks so much for your answer Gillian. Appologies accepted. No worries :slight_smile: I’ll be be testing it then. However, without testing, does it help saying that I’m working on a pages 09 doc of 300 pages long? You might be right that this is an unique case, but will try your suggestion.



Wow! That is a huge document. I know that Pages in general sometimes struggles with larger documents. You may want to consult with Apple about the best way to work with this document in Pages.

:slight_smile: Thanks again Gillian. Yes, it is a huge doc, with many endnote references, and that’s is probably why, but will be waiting for Apple’s reply to my query.


Are there any news on the plugin 2.0 issue? 

I am really waiting for this.

However, for the moment, when I continue to use pages 09, will it be a problem that I already installed the new plugin 

Apple has yet to announce anything regarding their plug-in for Pages 5. As always, you can certainly contact Apple directly through this online form:

Hi Garbsen,

I wondered the same thing when I reverted back to Pages '09. I don’t think I noticed any problems, but I re-installed the v1.0 plugin just in case. At this point, I have no idea which one I’m using, but it seems to be working fine. 

I’m also wondering if EndNote has heard anything from Apple regarding a new plugin? I know many folks have probably contacted Apple (I have), but considering Apple is notoriously tight-lipped, I was hopeful that someone at EndNote might be able to say that a new plugin is now being tested, etc. I’d switch back to Pages 5, but for this one enormous goof by Apple.

@garbsen wrote:

Are there any news on the plugin 2.0 issue? 

I am really waiting for this.

However, for the moment, when I continue to use pages 09, will it be a problem that I already installed the new plugin 

We have communicated with the Apple Pages product team about this issue. They are always friendly but generally as tight lipped with us as they are publicly. So, unfortunately, we do not have any more insight to add on timing or scope of an updated Pages plug-in at this point. If we hear anything more from Apple, we will share it here.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Thanks, Jason. The update is very much appreciated.

I just found this updated plugin-in for Pages 5.0 which works with Endnote:

Thanks, Vicente. However, I believe this is the same troublesome plugin (v2.0). I tried it on a new document and it still exhibits the same weird behaviors. I don’t know what the version number will be, but I’ve been looking out for something like v2.1, or similar, for the new plugin (not sure if it will be released through a regular software update). Here’s hoping Apple releases something soon; it’s actually a little worrisome that a fix hasn’t been released yet. Best.

@vicentesandoval wrote:

I just found this updated plugin-in for Pages 5.0 which works with Endnote:


Since it’s been so long, I thought I’d check to see if anyone at TR/EndNote has any news to share regarding an updated plugin for X7? Or if anyone in general has received any news regarding an updated plugin? I know the fix is Apple’s responsibility, but there seems to be no hope getting any information from them. Any updates at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much. 

We have yet to receive any word from Apple regarding an update for the Pages 5 Plug-in. We will certainly post an update as soon as that changes. If you installed Pages 5 but previously had Pages 4, you can try using that instead. It would be in the folder “Applications > iWork '09 > Pages 4.3.”