Pages EndNote Plug-in v3.0 seems to break in-text citations

After upgrading to Pages 6.2 I was prompted to install the Pages EndNote Plug-in v3.0. Unfortunately, the new plug-in seems to break in-text citations in at least three ways:

(1) Instead of inserting an in-text citation as (LastnameA, LastnameB, and LastnameC, 2017), the format is now  (LastnameA, FirstnameA; LastnameB, FirstnameB; LastnameC, FirstnameC 2017). 

(2) When I change the output format in Pages’ Edit menu, the Bibliography changes as expected, but the in-text citations remain unaffected.

(3) Repeated citations are not abbreviated. For instance, (LastnameA, LastnameB, and LastnameC, 2017) should become (LastnameA et al., 2017) on repeated citations in one of my output styles. This does not happen. Instead even repeated citations remain at (LastnameA, LastnameB, and LastnameC, 2017). 

It appears as if the Pages EndNote Plug-in v3.0 ignored the “Citations” section of the EndNote output styles.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Same issue here. And one more: multiple works from the same author and year are no longer indicated as 2015a, 2015b etc. 

This is due to bugs in the new EndNote plug-in produced by Apple. Please see this knowledge base article for more information:

I’m also experiencing these additional problems with the apple plug-in:

  1. MLA in-text citations are not providing the correct information (it is giving the year rather than the page range). 

  2. In the bibliography, book titles are not appearing in italics in MLA 8. Title italics are appaering correctly when the reference type is a book section or a journal article.

I’m posting this at Apple, too…I don’t want them to miss the bibliography problems & just fix the in-text stuff!

it’s been already a couple of weeks but no update to fix these issues so far, right?

From past issues with Pages, Apple is notoriously slow at fixing the endnote plug-in… 

"Any feedback and suggestions for future improvements can be given to Apple using their form. "  

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Finally fixed in the 3.1 plug-in that was released quietly. It’s over here:

(take care, some support pages in local languages still refer to the 3.0-version)