Bibliography format in Pages

I am using EndNote X7 with Pages on a Mac and whenever I insert a citation, the reference comes up in the Bibliography without any formatting. It is all in normal text, no bold type or italics.

I have checked that the desired formatting in my setup page under the bibliography section does contain both bold and italics font but this does not seem to come through into Pages.

Can this be solved or is it a problem inherrent to Pages?


Hello George,

The Pages 5.2 and later, including Pages 5.5  plug-in has an issue where bold, italic or superscripted text is not done at all with the EndNote Plug-in.  There is not a workaround for this issue at this point and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Both Apple and Thomson Reuters are committed to improving the Pages and EndNote integration. Any feedback and suggestions for future improvements can be given to Apple using their form

We asking users to contact Apple so that they can resolve the issue with their plug-in.

If you have access to Microsoft Word you might consider using that since it does not have this issue.