Passwords in connection files not saving on Macs?

Have not seen this covered yet, so will post: has anyone else had trouble saving a password in a connection file in X7 on a Mac? I have worked with tech support on this and they are looking into it, but am wondering if others have noticed as well. Running Mavericks, but am not certain that’s the issue.

Seems the passwords I add to connection files on the Mac do not get saved. That’s a problem for my faculty who use these files, as we do not want to have to give out passwords (after editing and testing, the connection files are made availavle in Blackboard). The workaround is to edit the file in EndNote X7 Windows (a trial copy), save the file and then bring it into EndNote on the Mac and post on Blackboard. It’s a lengthy process and would be a lot easier if the connection file would just behave well on the Mac side to start with!

These are EBSCOHost connections, but my sense is it would occur on any connection file on the Mac. Anyone seeing similar results?