Connection Manager doesn't save new connections


I’m running EN X7 on Mac 10.9.2, so far without any problems. However, when I try to add and save/favourite new connections from Endnote’s website, they won’t stick after I quit and restart the programm.

What I did:

I downloaded the relevant *.enz files, opened them which imported them to the connections list. There I ticked the fav box, but they didn’t show up on the online search sidebar. I had to manually drag them over to the side bar to make them appear. The connections worked and were usable. However, after I restarted Endnote, not only had my new connections vanished from the connection manager (and thus from the sidebar), the old default favourite connections I had deleted/unticked appeared instead again.

Any idea what the problem could be? I shouldn’t have permission issues (and thus not being able to save files), but that’s the only thing coming to my mind. Is that a known issue?


Did you check the folder setting preferences to make sure they are correctly set to a user folder? 

That seems to have been the issue indeed! The connection folder did not exist within my Endnote folder - I had assumed the programm would create it, if needed, but it didn’t. I created the folder, moved the *.enz files there and now the changes I made stick.

Thank you!