pb copying online references searched to all references


i’m starting to use EndNote and i have troubles with the all references foler and the online searching.

Each time i search for papers within a specific topic EndNote tells me:

“found x number of record” “retrieve records”.

The problem is that if a say yes, it retrieves all the references it found, including all that don’t interest me and it saves them in the al references folder.Then i select those that interest me and put them on different topic groups that i create.

The problem is that i have thousands of unwanted references and if i erase the all reference folder i also loose the references i put in my groups. But if i don’t procede like this i have to erase the references in the all references folder one by one (!).

How can i search for references without copying them to the all references folder?

Thanks a lot!,


I recommend you read this FAQ on Queensland’s website.  You want to familiarize yourself with the other modes to avoid these problems.  Also just in case you are working in the integrated mode, you will want to set your preferences so that duplicates are removed and not imported.  See the training videos at http://www.endnote.com/training/ and links in the training forum here. 

thanks a lot!