PDF Auto Import: Allow individual folder structure


I just installed Endnote X7.2.1 and tried the PDF Auto Import function. To my horror I discovered that all my pdf-files that I had carefully put into folders according to their topic were moved to another folder called “imported” by Endnote. I tried to change this, but Endnote lost track of the folder and created another “imported” folder within the first one when I told Endnote to import files from that folder again. Also, all my library files were duplicated, and Endnote does not recognize the duplicates… perhaps because I changed the titles within the file info, but I don’t know. The actual file names are still the same.

This function really has to improve and become more flexible. Endnote should not have to change my folder structure, and it should be able to find duplicates that (at least) have the same filename.

Hoping to see this improvement in the next release. It’s not very useful at the moment, quite the oposite.

Best regards