PDF import

I appreciate that you have included a buttom in the tool bar for directly accessing the import function. However, I have a designed folder in which I save all papers that I download. I would thus very much like to see rather an “update” buttom that I can hit so that Endnote checkes the designated folder for new files. Thanks!

Hi - This was added with the latest version, X7. You have to designate the folder in your PDF Handling preference.

Sure. I understand that functionality. However, when I click this nice little icon “green arrow”, then I get to the dialogue import file. Then I can search a folder and so on… However, I have designated a folder. The auto import function works. I have no clue in what time interval Endnote searches this folder for new entries. I simply want a button to tell Endnote to search the designated folder NOW for new files. Something like an “update” button or “refresh”.