How to extract metadata from a PDF using Endnote

Can anyone tell me how to extract metadata from a pdf that I would like to import ? It’s not an article, so there is no DOI available. I know that Zotero has a feature “extract metadata”. Does Endnote also alow this?

Thanks in advance.

EndNote can import PDF files containing a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) in the metadata or the first two pages of the PDF. EndNote sends the DOI to PubMed and CrossRef, online databases capable of looking up reference data by DOI. The online databases send back the bibliographic information, EndNote imports it, then attaches the PDF to the record created. This means the PDF must have a DOI and EndNote must have access to the Internet during the import.

So without a DOI EndNote will not be able to create a full reference in EndNote.

You can find some additional information about importing pdf files here