Online search based of PMID rather than DOI suggestion/solution

Hi Everyone:

I’d prefer if EndNote could use PMID rather than DOI lookups when PDF files are imported.

PDF files are usually tagged with DOI nowadays. It would be practical to programmatically scan PDF files and insert PMID as file metadata into the PDFs, either in EndNote or using a third party utility program.

Before embarking on the not-so-trivial task of studying Adobe’s PDF standard and potentially writing such a utility program, is there a metadata PDF file format that EndNote would recognize when importing a PDF and which would prompt it to use a PubMed search instead?

For example, if you have a blank reference and manaually fill the Accession Number field of the reference with the PMID (PubMed ID) number and run “Update Reference,” EndNote will perform a PubMed search.

PubMed searches include the abstract, keywords (MeSH), etc. and are therefore advantageous.

Thanks for any suggestions.