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Hi, I am somewhat new to the refman program.

We are currently using refman to hold approximately 3000 articles and PDFs for our research. Yesterday, we moved the database to a new drive as our office was rebuilding our system. The PDF attachments were all lost, yet are saved in another folder separately as a backup.

My question is, is there a way to transfer/connect these 3000 PDFs to the database rather than doing each one manually?

Thank you, and I look forward to your response.

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Does anyone have any suggestions?

Maybe I am asking the wrong question.

Is there an option on the tools menu that would allow me to link my rmd to the folder containing my file attachments?

Thanks, and hopefully someone has a solution?

Over 2 months since the original posting, and not even admin has a simple response of at least a “no”?

Does anybody havw an answer to this problem? - I am having the same trouble…

Well coming from an Endnote perspective you either need to make sure that the exact same directory structure is restored if they are absolute paths, or that the exact same relationship between the library files and the PDF folders is mantained/restored, if they were stored in a relative file name.  I am sure tech support would be able to tell you which location method is used in your instance, and what that structure should look like, if it uses a relative location.  Of course 2 months or more later, you might have a mixed bag and difficult to recover from!

Thanks for the answer Leanne! But do you know if it is possible to set the path for the attachments in RM ? - the files are all nice located in a folder, with sub-folders named with the id of the reference. This was done automatic by RF when i was attaching the files - but RM dosent find them now. 

I have trouble explaning this in english… - but I am looking for some way to tell RM where to find the attached files. :slight_smile:

nope, don’t know.  All I  do know it isn’t  possible in Endnote.  This would best be addressed via RMs Tech Support, since RM doesn’t appear to have the number of experienced users participating in these forums, as does Endnote. 

If you go to Tools -> Options -> Attachments and set the path there to be exactly the same as the location of your stored PDFs, RM may be able to reconnect the references to the documents. You should try that first.

The path there has to be identical to the one that was first in place when the documents were attached, otherwise RM can’t find them.