file attachment conversion

I’ve trird to follow the procedure:

Converting Absolute Paths to Relative Paths

If you are working with a library that was created with a version

of Reference Manager prior to version 12, all of the existing files

linked to the Link to PDF field were saved with absolute paths.

The field is now File Attachments, and you can easily change the

absolute paths to relative paths. This allows you to easily share

your library, along with linked files, with colleagues.


To convert absolute paths to relative paths:


1. Before you begin, please back up your database. This change

cannot be reversed.

2. In the Reference List window, highlight the references you

wish to modify.

3. From the _References _menu, select _File Attachments>Convert to__

Relative Links.


For each selected reference, Reference Manager locates each file

linked into the File Attachments field, and copies those files into

the designated attachments folder for the database.


But the system answered to my attempts:"no liks were coverted, x links failed to convert"

can anybody help me?

best regards


Hi! This feature is not working. I have received confirmation from Thomson that the links are not relative. They have contacted the developer for a solution. They did not provide information about when the update is here This is quite amazing considering the focus on this feature in the RM12 ads. Do they not test software before release?

In my experience you can move the database and reference folder on one computer and the attachments work as if relative (why would I need that?). But when you move them to another computer or storage device the links are reported as deleted.

Fabio, you will have to relink all your references after conversion. I reckon that the error you report occurs when the absolute links in the RM11 database are erroneous, i.e. they point at the wrong location. Anyway you have my empathy considering I relinked 700 attachments just to realise the relative linking did not work.


Hi kanonsen.

You asked yoursel “why would I need that?”

I found this feature quite interesting for carrying your refman database with linked files (highlighted, with your ouwn notes, whatever…), no matter where you are working, for example in your pendrive. The link should point to subdirectory under that where your database is located, regardless path.

I was expecting this change long time ago, and it has been frustrating to find out that links are absolute (but hidden) instead of relative. Hope they solve this issue.


Well, I was excited when I heard about the feature with relative paths last year. It didn’t work, though, and the developer confirmed that this feature was flawed. If it has been corrected, I’ll be very pleased, because now my links only work on my laptop, and not my pendrive nor my desktop computer. I suppose you have tried this, so I will give it another shot. You commented on my indignation that it was only possible to move the database within one computer. I still think this is a waste of time. Sincerely, K