PDF usability tweaks

Please consider some usability tweaks in regards to PDFs for the next version. In addition to a previously suggested rename feature, it would be nice if:

a. References without PDFs are displayed with the PDF pane off when opened.

b. The PDF with a red cross icon is visible in the main library window so that you know if a PDF is missing without opening or scrolling down to a reference.

There seems to be problem with scrolling when pdf is open within Endnote. Mouse wheel behaves differently. Each turn of mouse wheel moves pages in very small increment.

On Windows, I found the same thing. I just switched to a Mac (for completely unrelated reasons) and found that PDF handling is much smoother (as are most things in Endnote, actually).

Yes, I can confirn the same issue with the mouse wheel increments being too small no matter what the system settings.