Endnote 20 view PDF

Just upgraded to Endnote 20, is there any way to view PDFs within the main window (like with X9) instead of having it pop out into a separate window? This is a must have for me.


I clicked on close of preview window and I cannot bring it back! I also cannot find the layout option in this version. Someone, please help me to solve this.

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There appears to be no way to preview a .pdf file in the “Tabs” panel as we could do in X9.  I tried searching the Help File but it does not appear to have been updated to reflect EndNote 20. All information in the EndNote Help file was for X9 and prior versions of EndNote. 

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This issue should be fixes asap! Otherwise it makes no sense at all to switch to Endnote 20. To have to read PDFs in a seperate window is a major step back! I have bought the upgrade but right know I feel deceived!

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absolutely agree – so far, I am disappointed of this version :frowning: Very sad

Please improve as soon as possible – this is one of the most improtant software a rewsearcher needs when writing papers and reports. It mustn‘t be a hurdle … it needs to be an easy going tool.



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Sadly, I didn’t check the community before I upgraded…

Removing the preview function, as many have stated before me and undoubtedly will do after me, is a huge leap backwards.

I actually turned down switching to a competing software simply because they did not have a preview function.

Please, give us back the preview function of PDFs!

As an added feature, give us the ability to preview a web site if we have a link, or save a “snapshot” of the site when we add a reference to a website!

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Same!!! I just “upgraded”, or in this case “downgraded”, to EndNote 20. Without the PDF view window my productivity goes down and my frustration has skyrocketed.

If I had known how crappy EndNote 20 was, primarily because it lacks this PDF viewing feature that characterized previous versions, I’d not have purchased it. As such, I am seeking a refund and will see if I can purchase EndNote 9. 

If I can’t purchase EndNote 9, I’ll definitely see what competing products have to offer–goodness knows there are many viable options.

I am disappointed. I’ve been a heavy EndNote user for a decade, and have over 22,000 references (and PDFs) in my library; I have been that annoying ambassador colleague who recruits everyone else to EndNote. But wow, EndNote 20 really missed the mark. I’m out!

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I agree.  I am disappointed too.  The PDF view was a big deal for me.  Plus the new colors (black and green) are too much for my PC screen.  I will ask for a reimbursement, just bought it 3 days ago, and revert to my X9 version.

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If this is true then there is no way I would install the upgrade. Has anyone contacted support for confirmation or rationalization as to why they removed such a critical productivity feature? I should probably request for a refund for my pre-release upgrade purchase.

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I did contact support – but the answeres were very generic. As much as they tried to answer – the reply was more or less: we forwarded your request to the programmers, but it is best to comment in the EN forum.

Quick reply, but no indicatein a) if and b) when the programmers might work on the improvements.

Let’s hope for the best!


Remark: I am currently beta testing another software, not related to literature management, and the programmer immediately addresses my comments to the latest beta version and im proves it within days. He said only when his beta testers are satisfied, he will release the final version – I think, many of us would be happily become EN20 beta testers if we knew our comments would be considered.

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I had a bad time with this issue too. Double-click on a reference of the reference list and the preview pane will magically come back!!!

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Double-click on a reference of the reference lists and the preview pane will magically show back!!!

Does that mean other references going forward will not require a double click?

I.e. moving to another reference immediately updates the content of the PDF preview pane that “magically” reappeared?

Can anyone else confirm?


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no magical show previous main window PDFs display :-/

To see PDFs within the main window, like in previous versions, is important to me and use separate window(s) to display PDFs is very uncomfortable!!! Bring it back, please!

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Totally agree! PDF preview is a very useful function for me!


I had installed EndNote 20 and found I could not view PDFs in the viewer pane. This is a dealbreaker for me! I uninstalled and reverted to EndNote X9.

In response to one of my complaints about EndNote 20 in this forum I got this response:

With reference to your comments, EndNote 20 PDF preview window, I am sorry, EndNote 20 do not have a preview window to view PDF on the right side of the library window. You can open it in a separate EndNote PDF preview window, or you can also use third party PDF viewer like Adobe_ . _We have already raised an Enhancement request to our Development team include the PDF preview option on the right side of the library window. We don’t have an estimated time frame on when this be included.

I’m already looking at alternative products, should EndNote X9 become unsupported. This is just not workable for me.


Thanks. I have neither downloaded nor installed EN20 so I will ask them for a refund. This is a total deal-breaker. What a shame!


HI, try clicking the attachment symbol as illustrated in the figure attachment here.

Finally figured out how to open the PDFs - when you click a reference and it opens the pane on the right that has a summary, the ability to attach a file, and the option to edit the reference factors. If you click on the drop down menu that the file name on it in that right-hand pane, you can choose how to open the PDF (in Endnote or in other pdf software). 

Hopefully this helps!!!

Oh… NO… 

Please return back to the “PDF previwer” within the window pains. 

It’s critical for readers to quick scan and skim an article.

Don’t downgrade, but update.