Persistent message

When you are not connected to the internet, endnote tries to synchronize and an error message “EndNote could not connect to the online sync service”.

The message comes out systematically, every time the laptop goes to rest or some time passes, although endnote this in the background. It affects both the usability of the protatil that there is no choice but to close endnote.

I can not understand that this bug has not been fixed.

What solution do we have?

using desktop or online endnote routinely?  

I use desktop and turn off auto syncing and run it manually when I wish.  


I use both, that’s why I have automatic synchronization turned on. If I turn it off and do it manually the message does not appear.

I am grateful for the “unofficial” solution. The “official” solution can not be to disable this option, in the era of “cloud”. Almost all digital services we currently have are based on the cloud and automatic synchronization.

I can not understand that this message is not solved. It is obvious that if there is no internet connection can not be synchronized. Can not be programmed so that the message appears only if the computer is connected to a network and the synchronization fails?