Please add a Preview window to the Edit tab!

Please add a Preview window to the Edit tab!


  1. The Summary tab is useless without it (i.e., adds nothing to the platform)–The new “Summary’ tab displays a detailed overview of a selected reference. Quickly alter reference metadata from the ‘Edit’ tab” [1]. That means that you can view all reference details (e.g., authors, title, journal, doi, volume, edition, abstract, etc.) in both the Summary and the Edit tabs. Therefore, the only unique function of the Summary tab is “The ‘Preview’ panel [which] shows you how a reference would appear formatted with a specific output style” [1].

  2. It creates unnecessary steps hidden in the Summary tab –You can only make edits in the Edit tab, which does not have a Preview window. However, you can only view the effects of your edits in the Summary tab’s Preview window. So, if you want to see how a citation will look in your paper you need the Summary tab, when you see something wrong you have to switch to the Edit window and hope the change you make worked before switching back.

  3. It doesn’t update with edits anyway –The Summary tab does not update after Edits are saved, you must click away from the highlighted reference after making edits in order to view how those edits will look in the formatted citation.  


  1. EndNote 20 (macOS) guide: EndNote library overview. In The EndNote LibGuide. Clarivate. Accessed February 6, 2020 from clarivate.comJPEG attached to this post.

I second the call for a preview tab. I cannot understand why it was removed. It was really helpful to preview the formatted reference, as I often have to use different styles and want to see how they look like.

Please, please re-introduce a proper preview tab that allows us to see the formatted reference.