Preview tab unavailable

The manual for EndNote 7, Chapter 2, shows a screenshot of the Library window with four panels.  Over the panel on the right, which shows the fields for a selected reference, there are tabs to select Reference, Preview, PDF, attachment.  My screen does not have those tabs, so I cannot preview a formatted reference.  Are the tabs hidden somehow?


Click the “Layout” pull-down menu at the bottom of the library window which will then display the various options for the reference panel. (Refer to the attached image which shows the reference panel set for the “bottom” of the library window.)

Thank you for the suggestion.  The layout tab allows me to move the reference window from the side of the screen to the bottom of the screen, but the tabs, including the preview tab iin your screenshot, are not available either location.  Please see the attached screenshot.

Thanks for the screenshot which shows you selected the “Preview” tab which only displays that single tab. Seems odd, however, that there doesn’t appear to be a “Bottom” or “Right” option to automatically display  the 3 tabs (Reference, Preview, PDF) - which is available with the Windows version of Endnote.

You should be able to view the 3 tabs as split windows by clicking either the “Bottom – Split” or “Right –Split” option to display the 3 tabs (Reference, Preview, PDF) on the bottom or the right-side of the library window, respectively.

Possibly you have some “windows” pulled over too far?  I see that the Mac version does have a different layout (see Page 8 of the guide in the endnote training site) than windows, but all three options should be visible and available, just not on tabs in the “split view” (Page 10)?  . 

Thank you Leanne.  You were correct!   I stil cannot find any tabs to toggle between Reference and Preview.  However, I did ultimately find that the Preview window displays at the bottom of the Reference window (in a Right - Split).  I had apparenty pulled that little window off the bottom of the screen. It took quite a bit of poking around with the cursor to find that there was a reduced window lurking there.  Many thanks for the suggestion!