Please help! Library has disappeared.

I’m working on OS Sierra 10.13 and am a new Endnote user. My endnote library is saved to my Desktop. I’ve been saving all my references in the desktop version of Endnote and syncing regularly with my online account. Today when I open the desktop version I see that all my references have disappeared except for two. My online account which I have just checked contains all of my references. Could I delete the application from my desktop, download it again and then sync with my online account? I’m afraid to sync at the moment because I’m unsure where the desktop version of my library is located and any of the versions I have located and opened thus far seem to be old versions of the library and do not contain the full and most recent list as it was several days ago.

Thank you so much for any help or suggestions.


Please contact Technical Support directly
1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1 or