Please modify "superscript" set and add toolbar like old version

  1. Please add Font toolbar to edit the Output Style just like old version. Because without the toolbar, it is so much inconvenient!

2. EndNote 20>Tools>Output Style>Open Style Manager>Double click on the Style>Highlight the text and go to Edit>Font>Superscript:  there is no “Superscript” in Font or “Show Fonts” or “Styles” or other place not only Font, just like 1st picture of screenshot, attachment 1st,

   After help with technology supportor, I know it must:  EndNote 20>Edit>Font and the Superscript option is listed in the dropdown, just like 2nd one.

   But this is not logical, why seperate several places to find the edition of the style?
screenshot-2 (323 KB)