Potential X6.0.1 bug causing the groups panel to disapear

I’m reporting a potential bug in X6.0.1:

When minimizing the library window, the maximation of the window will cause the groups panel to be complete hidden (the library window covers the whole EndNote screen). The only way to get the groups panel back again is to manually drag it out from the left sidebar. Restarting EndNote will not restore the groups panel unless you manually have restored it first.

I’ve attached a figure showing the problem.

I have checked the layout configuration and the the choice for group panel is “left” and not “Off”.

I have testet library minimation on X6, and I do not get the error for this version.

I learned about this error from another library who asked me for help, so we are not the only ones experiencing this.

Has anyone else experienced this and is there a solution that I do nopt know about (or is this a bug)?

Best wishes

Jan Ove

The EndNote folk will know if it’s a bug but personally it doesn’t strike me as being a bug. There are two options for laying out the groups panel (Left, Off). Dragging the library window to the left (as shown in your attached screenshot) has a similar effect of hiding the group panel (i.e., designating the group panel “Off”). If the group panel is hidden by either method (dragging the library window or selecting “Off”) the group panel can be  reinstated by clicking the Group Panel’s “Left” option.  At least this works using EndNote X6.0.1 and Windows 7 Professional.


The point is that that this didn’t happen by dragging the left panel to the left or choosing left panel “off”. It happens when you minimize the whole library window and then maximizing it again. And the the groups panel still have the status “left” after this happens. So it is difficult to understand if this is intentional and stressful for inexperienced users.

Anyone from TR care to comment?

Best wishes

Jan Ove

Jan - This does indeed look like a defect and we’re investigating. We’ll keep you posted.

 - Tilla, the EndNote team

This post is from 2013, but in 2015, with EndNote X7.1, one of my colleagues is having the same problem. I believed she had it with X6 as well. Was a solution found to the problem?

I should add that this happens more often with one specific EndNote Library and doesn’t happen as systematically with other libraries on her computer. And the left panel disappears mostly when she opens a reference in a full window and then closes it.

has there been an update on the topic in the meantime?

hello, has there been an update to the topic?

thank you

For what it’s worth, I’m experiencing this exact issue in EndNote X9.  At it’s now 2021 and the original bug was spotted in 2008 I’m guessing not a priority fix for Clarivate!

I encounter the same problem with Endnote X8 after I reinstalled it. All the settings appear to be correct; the layout setting is with the left panel on the left, so the panel should show. However, the panel disappears after I minimize or end Endnote and I manually have to drag the left panel back in sight, which is very annoying. How can I prevent this from happening?