Cite While You Write for PowerPoint

Customer at American Association of Cancer Researchers would like to see CWYW work with PowerPoint to facilitate poster presentations.


That would be a GREAT feature! Many business presentations need references and I find managing these is currently very painful.

You got my vote on this one! 

Is that great idea in process?

Many presentations need cite the references.

I would love to see this as well.  I currently maintain a list of faculty publications at the university library where I work.  A good number of these are poster sessions, but there’s no specific “poster” citation format.  I will be nice to not have to make a different format “work” for these types of presentations.

Just for clarification, do you mean you need a new reference type for presentations or you want to be able to use Cite While You Write to cite references in a presentation? The latter is what is being suggested here.

LOL. I would say that, reading the OPs post title “Cite While You Write for PowerPoint” would suggest the OP is requesting to use Cite While You Write in PowerPoint.