Preserve dates added and last modified info when copy references between libraries

Hi there. 

I’d like to be able to preserve the ‘Added to Library’ and ‘Last Modified’ date information in one Endnote library when copying references to a ‘master’ library. As best I can figure, the way to do this *would* be to copy the content of those fields to a spare ‘Custom’ field before exporting – the only problem being that those two fields don’t appear in the list under ‘Change and Move Fields…’. I can see you wouldn’t want to allow users to change them, but a copy would be nice as it’s important information (to me, anyway).

Any ideas?



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Sound like an item for suggestions!  – that would need to be another “copy” request function, as there is no way currently to copy Endnote generated fields.  I have asked multiple times for a similar facility to include the old record number when transfering to a new libary.  Otherwise, the only way to achieve this would be to export the library to a file with a modified output style to write that information to the new fields and then import it with a filter, identifying the field you would like the information to go.  A bit of a cludge. 

Thanks. That confirms my suspicion that there’s no easy solution… for now. I’ll try to persuade the developers to get on the case by posting a suggestion.