Preserving added/updated dates?

I’ve recently bought a new laptop and just synced my library, unsurprisingly all the dates of “added to library” and “last updated” are of the day I synced it. 

Is there any way to carry over the dates from my other/original library? I’m using a Mac for the record.

Unfortunately, those two fields (“Added to library” and “Last updated”) have been made inaccessible by the developers and cannot be manipulated by users. You might submit a request on the Product Suggestion section of the forum to make the info accessible to users and contact tech support to see if they may have an alternative:

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To be honest, I think the cloud syncing is ineffectively implimented, as it loses its record numbers and it forgets important things like these important dates.  I stay with my desktop versions and copy my library to my laptop and from my laptop to my home desktop.  I rarely go the other way.