Problem: Creating Apa References for Web Pages


I have a problem creating references for web pages using Endnote X4 with a university license.

When i try to create a reference using the following data i get not the desired result:



Title:allgemeine Infos

Publisher: Klinikverbund-Westmünsterland


What i get (using APA 6th Style):

Klinikverbund-Westmünsterland. (2010). Allgemeine Infos, from

What i should get (according to APA 6th):

Klinikverbund-Westmünsterland. (2010). Allgemeine Infos. Retrieved from

What is going on there?

I cannot rely on Endnote, if those differences do not have a proper explanation…

Ty in advance!

The power of Endnote, is that you can edit the style to update/repair/fix what ever small variants you might come across.  They have some huge number of output styles and each has a huge number of ref types.  Attached is a version I added the word “Retrieved” to that ref type bibliography template. One of the other APAs might have been right, but I find it far easier to just edit it to what is needed.  

APA 6th webpg-updated.ens (58.3 KB)

Hey, thank you for that advice! 

I have changed my style so that it fits my needs.

However, i have one more part i’m struggeling with. Take my code:

Author.| (Year).| Title.| Retrieved|, Access Date,|, Access Year,| from URL

This will make my web page bibliography look fine. The only this that botheres me, is that the “Retrieved” will be shown when i do not input “Access Date”, “Access Year” and “URL”. Is there any solution to this?

(Note: it is not of importance for this particular case since web pages usually come with an URL, but just for general knowledge)


Author.| (Year).| Title.| Retrieved, Access Date,| Access Year,| from URL|.

(note I also deleted and moved some of the punctuation marks)

So the |  character isolates the information.  If the field is empty,included between two of these, the text will not be displayed.  So take away the | and link it to the following Retrieved and if you always have an Access Date, it will show up when that field has info in it, otherwise it will be omitted.  You might need to replace the space with a “link adjacent” character (insertable from the insert field dropdown links text to a field). If  you want it to show Retrieved from when there is a URL independent of whether you have the date info?  Then you might want to consider upgrading to X5 which includes the conditional formating feature, but I haven’t played with it extensively to see what is possible and I am on a X4 machine right now, so can’t test the options at home. 


thanks for the try, but, unfortunately, this doesn’t work perfectly either. 

As you can see from your code, if you got no Access Date, the “Retrieved” will not show up. 

So in the case you only got the “year” you get:

author. (year). title. 2011, from URL.

I can find no conditional formatting features in X5. There are just the same seperators as in X4. Might those only be for the Windows version? 

Anyway, this formatting i got now will do for my bachelor thesis. The other references seem to be working according to APA 6th.

Thanks for the patient help! 

Take EndnoteX5 for a ride (you can trial it) and look at the help for conditional formating.