Problems citing a webpage


Whenever I try to cite/reference a web page, I click the ‘make new reference’ option then enter the web page details as follows (example):

Reference type web page 

Author: ‘Example Organisation,’ (with a comma at the end of it)

Year: 2020

Title: ‘Example title.’

Access date: ‘Accessed January 4, 2021’

URL: I copy paste the URL

The problem is that the author and title are not separated by a full stop (period). Below is a reference where I make clearer the problems I am experiencing:

Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs Find out if you’re at risk of flooding in England. URL entered here (accessed January 4, 2021).

As you can see, the author (named department) and the title ('find out…) are not separated.

Does anyone know how to overcome this problem?

Thank you

The punctuation and spacing will be provided in the bibliography or footnote template in the ouput style you have selected.  Either it is trying to use the “generic” style or there are mistakes in the webpage template.  What style are you using?  (you can zip it into a “folder” and attach the zip file to a message reply).  

Thanks for the reply. How can I find out what style I am using?

It would be the style listed in the Endnote ribbon in your word processor.  

Thanks. If the problem is to do with the style I am using, how can I overcome it? Would you mind to please send a screenshot of how you add the details of a webpage in EndNote. I tried some online screenshots , and added the details exactly like that (author with comma at end, year, title, access date like January 3, 2021, and URL. But I still get no full stop (period) separating the author and title, and also I get a comma at the end of the reference, instead of a full stop (period). Also, I would like ot add the word ‘accessed’ before the access date but this is not possible to do manually. 

It would be easier if you put your output style in a zip file, which I could modify and attach back as it requires some “link adjacent” symbols that don’t copy and paste well.  but this is a reasonable web template. (The * must be replaced with “link adjacent” from the insert field dropdown.  the | (pipe) are “separate” symbols.  I believe this should avoid extra spaces or punctuation if a field is empty.  

Author.|*Year,|*Title,|*Accessed*Access Date,|*Access Year.|*Available from: URL|