Problem: Different in-text references given same reference number

A colleague of mine is working with a Word 2007 document that includes several web page references, which she has hand-entered into EndNote X2. Her problem is that when she formats the bibliography, 5 of these references (which are consecutive and appear on the same page of the document) all get the same reference number, and 4 of the 5 don’t appear in the bibliography at all. I can’t figure out why in the world that would happen or how to fix it. Can anyone help?

Can you provide an example of what the unformated endnote citations look like in the document?

>Can you provide an example of what the unformated endnote citations look like in the document?

They all contain only the record number (because no author or year is listed in the reference), like so: {, #26}

Can you give an example of what is in the records?  I suspect that the duplicates setting is trying to compare Author, year and title, and these are empty in the web records, and it interprets them as the same?  Add something different to one of those three fields  in each record- probably title?  and then don’t have that field displayed for the bibliography template for that  ref type?

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You nailed it–none of the records had authors, years, or titles listed. When the author added titles to each one, the numbering worked as it should, and all of the references appeared in the bibliography. Thank you!

I’m still puzzled about why the record number alone wasn’t sufficient for EndNote to identify the correct reference, but that’s academic at this point.

It can, if you turn off the duplicate check or add the URL field to the duplicate check preferences.

Edit>Preferences, duplicate

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The URL doesn’t appear to be on the list of Duplicate-check criteria that I can select.

Yep.  I guess then I would stick with what works.   I probably would add “Label” and put something unique in that, as it would rarely show up in the references templates.