web page 1 and web page 2


I have two web pages adjacent. But rather than showing up as 1 and 2 in the text, they show up as 1 and 1 and 2 does not appear in the reference list.

What have I done wrong?

This is probably because there is no distinguishing feature  as many of the fields are empty (right?) in the record.  so endnote thinks they are duplicates.  

From the help: “References are considered duplicates if they are the same reference type (such as Journal Article or Book) and the following fields are identical: Author, Year, Title, Secondary Title (Journal, Newspaper, Magazine, Book Title, Series Title, Conference Name, and so on), Volume, Issue, and Pages.”  So try putting something different in each record in one of those fields (you may have to add it to the reference type table, so you can add text to it)

Another easy way to get around this is to remove the format option of “merge duplicates” in the Fomat>preferences formatting options in Endnote. 

But then you need to be careful as this is applied to all documents you are working on and when you are working with other colleagues with their own libraries, you might end up with duplicates in your bibliography.  Also make sure that your own library doesn’t have real duplicates and you accidentally use both of them in the same document.