Importing references from PUBMED


The computer service at work changed the system and they took my computer a few days ago to change it. Once the technician gave to me I updated the program, but the import option does not work. I save the references in PubMed (saving the file with a txt as I´ve always done), but when I import the data file to my endnote library, nothing happens.

Does someone know how to solve it? I don´t know if it´s a problem of my program or something that the computer technician changed, because I feel that my PC is not working as it did before…

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

It would help to know your operating system, your version of Endnote and how you initiate the import.  Also attaching an example of the .txt file to the message would help. 

 Have you looked at it, opened it in wordpad or notepad?  Do you hae the most recent Pubmed Import “filter”?

Yes, sorry. I forgot to say that I´m using Endnote X3 and Office 2007. It worked a few days ago, but not now.

I usually import references from pubmed

The txt file looks as usual. To iniciate the import, I select “import” from the file menu, and then I choose the txt file and that´s it. I don´t really know if I have the most recent filter from Pubmed.

pubmed_result wed.txt (4.04 KB)

Using the attached pubmed filter, the attached file imported fine into ENX4 for me.  You might try saving this filter (to a new name, so you can distinguish it from your existing filter) and try using that?  I also show the settings I used during the import in the attached gif. 

PubMed (NLM).enf (2.73 KB)

Thanks! It works again! It was a silly thing… In import option, I selected “other filters”, added Pubmed and it works! I guess that the computer technician installed the program and I didn´t remember to select this option again.

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile: