Problem importing files on MAC

I am having difficulty importing files from google, Ebsco, etc to my MAC. I have Endnote X loaded on both my PC and MAC. It works fine on the PC. I’m using office 2004 so all the other functions of endnote all work fine. Am I missing something needed in especially for the MAC?

Hello Ken,

You can not use Safari to perform Direct Exports into EndNote.  You must use a different browser, Firefox for example.  Then when you are prompted if you want to open or save the file when you export the references, you would want to open the file using the EndNote X application: 

Ken and Peter,

While Safari doesn’t allow direct export, it will deposit a tagged format file on your desktop. You can then import citations by Control+clicking the file and then choosing Endnote from the pulldown menu that results by choosing Open With … 

Buzz Haughton