References are imported into the download file


when I’m importing references from e.g. google scholar or sciencedirect they are downloaded into the download file and not directly into endnote. How can I change that?

Thanks a lot!

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Hello Mirjam,

Without knowing what Operating System you’re using, or what browser you might be using, I’m going to have to guess at what the solution is.  (If I’m wrong, feel free to provide further information in a followup post).

More often than not, this issue is reported by Macintosh users, using either Internet Explorer, or Safari.

Because of the way these two browsers handle MIME types, the files are simply going to be saved.

Try using FireFox instead for these searches.

If it asks which application to use for opening the files, simply tell it to use EndNote.

Please let me know if that doesn’t do the trick.



I have also found, on a Mac, if a .cgi file is downloaded from IE or Safari, double clicking the file will import it into EndNote.

Hi Steve,

thanks a lot!

Yes, I am using Macintosh and Safari, now I’ve downloaded firefox and it is working!! Thank you so much!



Hi Angela,

no, double clicking had no effect. I’ve tried to do it before downloading firefox, but it wasn’t working. But now I’m using firefox, so everything’s fine :wink: But thanks anyway!

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Can anyone suggest what to do when a direct export from Sciencedirect and other databases which used to work is now downloading into a Word document. Not a Mac user and using IE

Correction - using Google Chrome