Direct export to Endnote on Mac

I am unable to directly export citations to Endnote on Mac. On doing a search, I found that if you use Safari as a browser, that is a problem. However, the entry was dated March last year. I wonder whether this is still the case? Thanks in advance!!

Apple has not changed this security feature of Safari, so the issue still exists.  Until Apple changes this about Safari, which I suspect they will not change, you will not be able to perform Direct Exports using Safari.

It is possible to use Direct Export with Safari under the Mac OS.

When the file is downloaded from whichever database you are using, simply drag the file to the EndNote icon on the Dock. EndNote will then open and prompt for the Library in which to import the file - see attached.

It is not as seamless as the ‘normal’ Windows process, but it does work.

Greg Fry

Team leader: Faculty liaison

Charles Sturt University Library 

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Thank you for the answers!! It has been really helpful.