problem with combining groups

I have learned a lot just from monitoring this forum, but I don’t see anything about my particular problem, so…

I have several groups of citations, one for each chapter of my book. I need to make a “master” group of all the chapter groups in order to create a bibliography for the whole book.

I followed the instructions in Help:

Groups - Create From Groups - gave it a name - Include References in (1st group) - And (2nd group) - Create

Well, it created the group name, but there was nothing in it. What am I doing wrong?

I am working with X4.

Thanks for any advice!

You’'ll need to manually select the references from your library then drag and drop them into the named group.


References can also be automatically added to a group if created as a Smart Group which allows defining some characteristic(s) of the references to be grouped.

Refer to the Help section of the Endnote toolbar to lookup info on groups/smart groups.

You nedd to use “OR” to combine the groups:

Include References in (1st group) OR (2nd group).

When you use “AND” it will only find references that are in both groups…

That worked!

The help instructions do not make that clear.

Thanks so much!